This group is designed to help those with anxiety and/or panic attacks learn how to build positive group connections, rapport, while building their support network and learning about anxiety, as well as how to better cope with and manage the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, with or without panic attacks, irrational fears, embarrassment, and shame, while improving self-esteem, self-care, and confidence. The group typically meets once a week for approximately 10-12 weeks, depending on the group and individual needs. Interested individuals must have a diagnosis and referral from their mental health or primary care provider, and a pre-screening therapy session with this therapist prior to joining the group. Group start and end dates will be determined by group leader, participant interest and enrollments/referrals.

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If you have additional questions about rates or insurance with respect to group sessions at Tranquility Therapy, I invite you to call 320-259-4051 to schedule a 10-minute free phone consultation. We can discuss your needs, goals as well as my approach and, if you would like to try working together, we can schedule a time to meet.