Too Worried to Be Happy? 7 Clear Signs It’s Time for Anxiety Therapy

Too Worried to Be Happy? 7 Clear Signs It’s Time for Anxiety Therapy   

Have you struggled lately with feelings of nervousness or feeling on edge?  Do you avoid certain situations, such as large crowds or use of public restrooms? Chances are, you have an anxiety-related condition and may need anxiety therapy.

Anxiety Sign #1:  You’re Always on Edge

How often do find yourself consistently worried about potential situations– or trying to avoid them altogether?  It’s important to note that everyone feels anxious from time to time. That’s normal! We all have points in our lives that are stressful. However, those who manage anxiety almost always have this feeling. This drains energy and means that you can’t be completely present. That energy instead goes towards the worrisome thoughts and feelings created by anxiety.

Anxiety Sign #2:  You’ve Suffered a Trauma

Unfortunately, many people in today’s world suffer some kind of trauma. Some examples include:

  • neglect as a child
  • loss of a parent due to divorce or death
  • physical abuse as a child or in adulthood
  • A violent event in your life (an accident, robbery, or even going to war.)

These traumas can leave you feeling anxious and nervous, which may be signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this situation, you are still experiencing the trauma and remain in “survival mode.” Anxiety therapy can help you to process these feelings. It helps your mind understand that everything is going to be alright, that you’re safe again.

Anxiety Sign #3: You Have a Drug or Alcohol Problem

Another sign that you may need anxiety therapy is an issue with drugs or alcohol. People with anxiety often turn to substances to keep their anxious feelings in check. Unfortunately, this only exacerbates the problem, rather than solves it. In fact, developing an addiction on top of an anxiety disorder only makes things worse!  

Anxiety Sign #4: You Avoid Situations on Purpose

Do you ever find yourself avoiding certain situations so that you don’t get stressed out? Often referred to as phobias, these conditions make it difficult to enjoy life as you’re constantly having to consider situations that cause stress or anxiety. Anxiety can lead to the following phobic behaviors:

  • Avoiding public restrooms because of a fear of germs.
  • Not attending a concert due to of a fear of crowds.
  • Choosing not to board an airplane because of a fear of flying and confined spaces.
  • Staying away from nature due to a fear of wide open spaces or insects.

It’s important to note that for these people, the fears are real. They feel anxious because they don’t want to get sick, hurt, or even die. If this sounds like you, anxiety therapy can help you feel more in control.

Anxiety Sign #5: You Have Major Life Changes

Anxiety has the potential to occur whenever we experience major life change. These worry-producing changes may be for better or for worse, such as:

  • The birth of a child
  • Marriage/divorce
  • The death of someone close
  • Moving
  • Ending a job or beginning a new one
  • Facing an illness

Anxiety Sign #6:  You Feel the Pressure

Pressure can provide the drive people need to succeed in school, on the playing field, or in one’s career. However, the pressure to be successful can also cause anxiety, especially for those who don’t feel accomplished, triggering depression.

Anxiety #7:  You feel Embarrassed

Do your anxiety symptoms, like handwashing or panic attacks, happen when you’re around other people? This can be really embarrassing, and even cause more anxiety! You may not understand why, but you know you don’t feel right and that your symptoms are a problem. You need help.

Just because you have anxiety doesn’t mean it has to run your life! Through anxiety therapy, I can help you be free of the worry, nervousness, and sense of doom. Using healthy coping tools and therapeutic tools  together, we can help you live life anxiety-free!