Improve Your Self-Esteem, Self-Care & Relationships

What about Self-Esteem, Self-Care, and relationships? Why is Self-Care so important? These may be questions you are asking yourself right now. Part of the answer is that self-care is frequently one of the first things that a person who is depressed, anxious, stressed, or traumatized may neglect. And it may be observable by others. It is also used by mental health clinicians and other health providers to help determine whether an individual may have other symptoms of physical or mental health problems. Other symptoms are typically assessed to help identify if Self-Care or a lack thereof, is related to other symptoms described by a patient. Good self-care and self-esteem, as well as ways to improve self-confidence, are often included in the goals and objectives of a client's mental/behavioral health treatment plan and can area that is identified for a patient to work on collaboratively in therapy sessions, at home, or in the community.

Is your self-esteem and confidence low or is self-care a problem for you? Is this something that you have concerns about? If so, Tranquility Therapy is here to help you - call today!

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